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Peer-Reviewed Study ‘Did Not Find Evidence’ Lockdowns Were Effective In Stopping ‘Covid’ Spread – it’s very difficult for lockdowns to stop the spread of something that doesn’t exist except through the illusion of manipulated figures and if you want it to disappear then stop getting tested with a test not testing for the ‘virus’ because you can’t test for something that doesn’t exist and with the PCR test even if it did

Liberals may be able to argue with Fox News or even Republican politicians. But what happens when a peer reviewed study comes out of one of their coveted and prestigious...
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Humanity is stirring … TEN THOUSAND protesters decry fascist ‘Covid-19’ curbs in Vienna while small ‘counter-protest’ insists that people should continue to damage their health and their children’s health by wearing face nappies that are useless in protecting from the ‘virus’ even if there was one

Some 10,000 people marched through the center of the Austrian capital Vienna on Saturday to protest against restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19, and to...
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This is what pathetic Irish face-nappies look like when they insist that a supermarket customer be as face-nappied childishly ridiculous as they are. There is no real crime going on anywhere else of course because the face-nappies are not servants of the people but brainless gofers for the state

When you don’t wear your mask in Co.Derry, North of Ireland…these cops truly are scum… — Grainne Keogh Kelly (@RockeykelKelly...
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