Downbeat Johnson (reading his script) says he will be driven by the data as he decides on June 21 ‘Freedom Day’ after Professor Lockdown Ferguson tells him we won’t even have accurate numbers for THREE WEEKS. Ferguson has not had accurate numbers in three decades – why the hell is anyone listening to this idiot? Because he tells them what they want to hear – David Icke

[ad_1] Boris Johnson today gave the biggest hint yet that the June 21 ‘Freedom Day’ will be pushed back because of the rapid spread of the Indian Covid variant as he admi...
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‘Earth’s Atmospheric CO2 Soars to Highest Level in 4 Million Years’ – claim right on cue. Weren’t we told how good lockdowns have been for ‘climate change’ and that we should have ‘climate change’ lockdowns? Oh but the Cult-owned G7 is meeting and so out comes the propaganda to support the ‘Great Reset’ (global fascism)

[ad_1] New data released Monday showed atmospheric carbon dioxide reached a monthly average of 419 parts per million in May, the maximum reading ever recorded since measu...
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‘Labour opposition’s’ Andy Burnham calls for ‘Covid vaccine’ supplies to Greater Manchester and other ‘Indian variant hotspots’ to jab over-18s and keep ‘Freedom Day’ on track. God save us from these press-enter political software programs – David Icke

[ad_1] Greater Manchester’s mayor Andy Burnham has today called for vaccine supplies to be redirected to his region and other Indian Covid variant hotspots to tackle the...
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