Tesla warns customers they could accidentally lose a car’s worth of bitcoin

Tesla has warned customers that they could lose the value of their car if they use its new bitcoin-purchasing scheme wrongly.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, announced earlier today that the company would start selling its cars in bitcoin as well as dollars, and that the deal would be rolling out across the world later this year.

While the announcement in his tweets gave little practical information on how the new scheme would work, Tesla has revealed more information about it in a frequently asked questions posted to its site, as well as a new range of terms and conditions.

They note, for instance, that the cars will still be priced in US dollars, and that the bitcoin price will change as the value of the cryptocurrency goes up and down.

But they also note that getting the purchase wrong could mean that the money – theoretically the full price of the car, which can be over $100,000 – could get lost as it moves between customers and Tesla.

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