Singapore court finds blogger guilty of defaming PM for sharing link to article on Facebook

The blogger had posted an article by the Malaysian website The Coverage in November 2018, following which he was sued by the prime minister.

On Wednesday, Justice Aedit Abdullah found that Mr Leong could not “reasonably claim that the defamatory words did not impugn (Mr Lee’s) character” and ordered the blogger to pay S$133,000 (£72,000), reported Channel News Asia.

The article, which was shared by the blogger on Facebook without any comment, had alleged that Mr Lee helped former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak launder money.

The news report said that the court in Singapore held that the blogger “published” the article because it was part of his Facebook post (hyperlinked) and because he made it accessible. The court said that a total of 45 people responded to Mr Leong’s Facebook post whose privacy settings were set to public.

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