Government officials to run parts of Liverpool council amid corruption claims, Jenrick announces

Government commissioners will be sent in to Liverpool to run “certain and limited functions” of the city’s council for the next three years amid allegations of corruption, Robert Jenrick has announced.

The communities secretary said a report commissioned last year into the running of the council “paints a deeply concerning picture of mismanagement” and identifies a “serious breakdown in governance”.

Mr Jenrick described the report as “unequivocal” in its findings that Liverpool city council had “failed in numerous respects to comply with its Best Value duty”, adding that “radical” change was rapidly needed.

“It concludes that the council consistently failed to meet its statutory and managerial responsibilities, and that the pervasive culture appeared to be rule avoidance,” Mr Jenrick said.

He added it had found an “overall environment of intimidation, described as one in which the only way to survive was to do what was requested without asking too many questions or applying normal professional standards”.

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