Garmin launches new bike pedals that measure how hard you are cycling

Garmin has launched new bike pedals that can tell how hard you are cycling.

The new “Rally” pedals include a power meter so that cyclists can track how hard they are pushing, whether as part of a training plan or just curiosity.

Garmin says that the new line-up corrects problems with previous pedals – which had attracted significant complaints that they often broke or dropped out – as well as allowing them to be used off-road for the first time.

The pedals are actually a set of three different products. While the actual power meter is the same in each, they come with different bodies, allowing them to be used with a variety of different shoes and on a variety of different surfaces.

The company already made pedals that used the Look KEO pedal system, but the new line-up adds support for Shimano’s road pedals as well as its smaller SPD pedals that are focused on mountain biking and gravel biking.

Garmin has made power-sensing pedals in the past. Its most recent, named Vector 3, were released in 2017 to some criticism, when it emerged that there were problems with the battery covers that could lead to swelling batteries as well as the fact they might break entirely when they were screwed in.

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