Experts explain the reasons why everyone is exhausted

There is only so much puzzling, making bread, doing tie dye or learning to play a musical instrument you can do.

The year of pandemic mask wearing, social distancing, Zoom work calls and remote schooling has left everyone exhausted and desperate for normality to resume.

It is a feeling being shared across social media platforms, despite the vaccines now providing a pathway of hope.

“Anyone else finding it hard to catch a break these days? So many folks are just exhausted (including me),” Dr Desmond Upton Patton, a social work professor at Columbia University, wrote on Twitter.

Nathalie Theodore, a Chicago psychotherapist, says that the exhaustion may be caused by the fact that society has now spent a full year under chronic stress.

And she told Salon that the ways an individual would normally alleviate their stress has been taken away for an extended period of time.

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