Boris Johnson calls immediate Covid inquiry ‘irresponsible diversion’

Boris Johnson today claimed that a swift inquiry into his government’s handling of the Covidpandemic would be “irresponsible”.

The prime minister told MPs that he would hold an inquiry to learn lessons from the outbreak, but insisted that it would be wrong now to divert officials away from the priority of fighting the disease.

He was responding to a Labour MP who had lost his mother, father and mother-in-law to the virus and called for a full public inquiry “as soon as current restrictions are lifted”.

Labour and Liberal Democrats are pushing to prevent the PM from kicking an inquiry into the long grass, with Sir Keir Starmer pushing for it to start as soon as the roadmap out of lockdown ends on 21 June.

And epidemiologist Prof Neil Ferguson yesterday said an inquiry should start “in the next few months”, warning that delay would make it “less likely to actually effect real change”.

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