Black hole: Scientists reveal new image of first ever black hole to be pictured

Scientists have revealed another, revealing new image of the first ever black hole to be pictured.

The latest image is a new look at the massive object, showing how it looks in polarised light.

That in turn allows scientists to measure the polarisation, and understand how magnetic fields operate so close to a black hole.

That could help researchers understand the powerful, energetic jets that are launched out from the core of the black hole’s galaxy, Messier 87 or M87.

The new image shows how the area around the black hole looks in polarised light, of the kind that can be seen by people when they wear special sunglasses. A similar effect happens in hot parts of space, where magnetic fields are present.

Just as with sunglasses that are polarised, researchers can use the effect to sharpen the image and reduce the glare caused by bright regions. It means that scientists can identify the magnetic field lines that are found at the inner part of the black hole.

As well as being a new look at a now-famous region of space, the study marks the first time scientists have been able to measure the polarisation so close to the edge of a black hole.

The black hole at the heart of M87 became famous when it was the subject of the first ever image of such an object, released in 2019.

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