A baby snatched from a Chicago hospital in 1964 was reunited with his parents 15-months later. But was it the same baby?

The extraordinary, intertwined cases of two missing baby boys have been solved after nearly 60 years thanks to DNA-testing websites, an explosive new documentary has revealed.

The Lost Sons tells the tale of Paul Fronczak, now 57, who was taken from a Chicago hospital as a newborn in 1964.

Fifteen months later he was allegedly found as a toddler in a mall in New Jersey and joyfully reunited with his frantic parents who claimed to recognise him, sparking headlines around the world.

Newspapers at the time quoted Dora Fronczak as saying, “that’s my baby”.

The movie by CNN Films and RAW who previously collaborated on Three Identical Strangers, a 2018 documentary about triplets separated at birth and raised apart, goes on to reveal that the man raised as Fronczak was in fact another missing boy called Jack Rosenthal, who had gone missing along with his twin sister Jill when they were two-years-old.

The real Paul Fronczak was living in Manton, Michigan, and rechristened Kevin Baty.

Both had grown up under names that were not their own.

The incredibly complicated tale examines questions about identity, family, nurture over nature and the controversial, and increasingly common topic, of private DNA testing and the impact it is having on society.

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