‘Vaccine bounce’ has not won Boris Johnson voters’ trust, poll finds

The successful vaccination campaign and falling coronavirus death rates have failed to persuade a large chunk of voters to trust Boris Johnson’s handling of the pandemic, according to a new poll.

Some 41 per cent of those quizzed for The Independent in a survey to mark the anniversary of the first lockdown said they did not trust the prime minister to do the right thing, compared to 38 per cent who said they did trust him.

Among them were almost one-third of the population (30 per cent) who said they distrusted Johnson “a lot” on Covid-19 and only 16 per cent who trusted him a lot.

And trust in Matt Hancock to deal with the crisis stood at just 29 per cent, with 39 per cent saying they did not trust the health secretary.

Despite Labour fears that a “vaccine bounce” would boost Conservatives as the UK appears to be heading out of lockdown, the BMG study found the race between the parties tighter than in any mainstream poll since late January.

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