Thames seal dies from severe injuries after ‘ferocious’ dog attack

A popular River Thames seal that suffered severe injuries following a “ferocious” dog attack has died.

The animal — who was nicknamed ‘Freddie Mercury’ and was often spotted basking beneath Hammersmith Bridge by the Thames — has been put to sleep by vets.

He was left bitten and bloodied by the attack on Sunday afternoon and taken to South Essex Wildlife Hospital following rescue efforts by passers-by.

Two members of the public who helped to prize Freddie free from his attackers’s jaws were reportedly treated in hospital after one was bitten by the dog and the other was “head butted” by the seal.

Passer-by Runa Bousquet described the incident to The Chiswick Calendar. She says that the dog-walker was “a good 800 metres away” from the seal but the terrier raced down the river bank and “clamped its jaws onto the poor seal and didn’t let it go.”

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