Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone will bend twice as much

Samsung is reportedly making a new, double-folding version of its Galaxy Z Fold smartphone.

The South Korean tech giant will release the new versions of its Galaxy Z Flip clamshell and Galaxy Z Fold this year, according to sources speaking to Nikkei Asia.

The company also wants to boost the number of Galaxy Z Fold devices to a similar level to its existing Galaxy Note range.

The focus on foldable phones is apparently aimed at differentiating the range of devices that Samsung offers, as well as the devices’ high price point – and therefore increased profit margins.

“The suspension of the Note series was pretty much decided last year. The company wants to bet more on foldable phones that have much higher prices with distinctive designs,” one of the people familiar with the matter said.

Samsung had reportedly “long struggled to differentiate its two premium phone series, the Galaxy S and Note, which are often set for the first half of the year and the second half, respectively”, a source said.

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