North Korea missile tests ‘on low end of spectrum’ of provocations says Biden official

The recent missile testing conducted by North Korea was part of the North’s “normal military activity” that isn’t covered by UN Security Council resolutions and probably won’t merit a response, said a senior Biden administration official.

“While we take all military activity seriously and will continue to consult closely on this with partners now I see this action in the category of most normal military activities by the North,” the official said on Tuesday.

“North Korea has a familiar menu of provocations when it wants to send a message to US administration – ballistic missiles of various range, mobile and submarine launch platforms, nuclear and thermonuclear tests – experts rightly recognised what took place last weekend is falling on the low end of that spectrum.”

Pyongyang fired at least one missile over the weekend in its first test firing since Joe Biden entered the White House.

Administration officials have not publicly clarified what type of weapon was launched, where it was fired or the success of the test.

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