Here are the top 10 richest Americans

One thing the United States has a lot of is billionaires. Of the world’s 16 richest people, 10 are Americans. Jeff Bezos usually tops the heap, but Elon Musk famously stole his spot for about a month earlier this year. So who’s in the top 10 right now? Here’s the list, according to Forbes real-time data:

Mr Bezos is the richest person on earth. He started the online retailer Amazon out of his garage in 1994, and since then has watched it grow into a multinational giant. In 2020, as other businesses floundered amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Amazon benefited from the glut of customers stuck at home, making a record $386 billion in sales. Mr Bezos is worth $183 billion.

Mr Musk has founded and led several corporations, but is best known as the CEO of the electric car maker Tesla and the space exploration company SpaceX. He briefly overtook Mr Bezos as the world’s richest person in January, but fell back down to the No. 2 spot the next month. He is worth $167.8 billion.

Mr Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft, which he started with his friend Paul Allen at age 20. By age 31, he was a billionaire. Today Mr Gates is less involved in Microsoft and more involved in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest private charity. The Foundation has pledged to spend $300 million to end the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr Gates is worth $126.2 billion.

Mr Zuckberberg started Facebook when he was a 19-year-old student at Harvard. It is now the most popular social network in the world. The company went public in 2012, and Mr Zuckerberg still owns 15 per cent of the stock. Though Facebook has faced intense criticism in recent years as a forum for misinformation and hate speech, the site remains popular and profitable. Mr Zuckerberg is worth $107 billion.

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