Congresswoman Lauren Boebert criticized for tweeting about Biden during shooting in her state

Police tweeted an active shooter alert in Boulder shortly before 3pm local time, with a video showing a handcuffed man, shirtless and covered in blood, escorted from the building about 30 minutes later.

“The White House just called a lid at 1.13 pm today. Biden is back in the basement, figuratively at least,” Ms Boebert tweeted.

“Meanwhile, the country is in chaos and the border is coming apart at the seams.”

The tweet, which had 6,500 likes, had 2,500 comments that heavily focused on the timing of her criticism over Joe Biden’s daily schedule.

“Hey, any comments on the people gunned down in Boulder while they were grocery shopping?” asked one user.

Ms Boebert commented on the shooting soon after reports began to emerge, posting to both her personal and government accounts to denounce the shootings.

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