AstraZeneca vaccine ‘very good’, says Fauci amid ‘unprecedented’ criticism of trial data

A top scientific adviser to the US government has offered assurances over the AstraZenecaOxford vaccine, saying it is likely to be very effective, after new trial data on the jab was questioned by American health officials.

In a move that has been described as “unprecedented,” experts from the National Institutes of Health initially said that the results from the US-based trial of the vaccine may have been drawn from “outdated information” that “provided an incomplete view of the efficacy data”.

But Dr Anthony Fauci, the White House’s chief Covid-19 medical adviser, has since said that it is “likely” that the jab is “very good”.

But the data and safety monitoring board “got concerned” that the data in AstraZeneca’s public statement “were somewhat outdated and might in fact be misleading a bit,” he told ABC News’ Good Morning America programme.

On Monday, the pharmaceutical giant said its large US-based clinical trial had shown the vaccine to be highly effective in providing protection against Covid-19.

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