Trump could be found ‘culpable’ for Capitol riot, says prosecutor


The lead prosecutor investigating the Capitol insurrection said Donald Trump may still be criminally culpable for inciting the riot.

Michael Sherwin, the former acting US attorney in Washington DC, led the investigation into the attack on the Capitol. He told “60 Minutes” that the former president still could be liable because so many of the individuals who have been arrested have said they went to the riot on his orders.

“What I could tell you is this: Based upon what we see in the public record and what we see in public statements in court, we have plenty of people-we have soccer moms from Ohio that were arrested saying, ‘Well, I did this because my president said I had to take back our house.’ That moves the needle towards that direction,” Mr Sherwin said. “Maybe the president is culpable for those actions.”

He said that he would not rule out the possibility of another investigation focused on Mr Trump encouraging the rioters on 6 January.


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