Tory election candidate tweets ‘just bomb Bristol’ following protests

A Tory candidate for Eastbourne Council has come under fire after tweeting “just bomb Bristol” as he lashed out at Sunday night’s protests against the government’s controversial policing bill.

Stephen Halbhuber made the comments in response to a video showing a number of people painting graffiti on a building and throwing objects into a crowd watching below.

Several Twitter users hit out at Mr Halbhuber’s comments.

One said: “Local council candidate calling for people to be bombed? Disgraceful behaviour. You can’t even been [sic] trusted with a Twitter account, let alone a council state. Utterly disgraceful behaviour.”

Another said: “As a Conservative candidate, this is a very inappropriate tweet. @pritipatel do you support prospective councillors making these suggestions?”

Ms Milling responded to say Mr Halbhuber had been contacted, adding that his comments were “completely unacceptable”.

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