Sarm Heslop missing: Everything we know about her disappearance


A 41-year-old British former flight attendant’s mysterious disappearance from the boat of a man she had met on Tinder has led to widespread calls for an urgent investigation.

Ms Sarm Heslop was sailing with her 41-year-old American boyfriend Ryan Bane in the Caribbeans when she “disappeared” on 7 March. Two weeks later, the police have no answers, while Mr Bane has told investigators that she might have fallen overboard.

Friends and family of Ms Heslop have been pushing for a fingertip search of Mr Bane’s 47-ft long catamaran named Siren Song. However, Mr Bane has refused to allow a search of his £500,000 yacht where Ms Heslop was last seen alive. The catamaran is moored just offshore at Frank Bay, St John in the US Virgin Islands.

Toby Derima, the US Virgin Islands police spokesperson, said, “We would need to get a warrant to search the boat. We would need to show the court that we had probable cause to search the boat, as this is not yet a criminal case. We thought we could just ask Mr Bane to search the boat and he would say yes and he didn’t. That is his right. Getting the search warrant would be the next step.”

However, Mr Derima said, “we are still searching, doing regular inspections of the areas and speaking to potential witnesses.”


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