HomePod Mini: Apple’s smart speaker has ‘secret sensor’ hidden inside


Apple’s HomePod Mini includes a “secret sensor” that can measure the environment it is in, according to reports.

The sensor is not yet used, and the company has not even announced its existence.

But the tiny sensor was discovered by iFixit in a teardown, and Bloomberg reported that Apple has been making plans to use it in the future.

The equipment can determine the temperature and humidity, according to the report. Its placement suggests it will be used to measure the house in which it is placed, since it is kept safely away from other components that might heat it up.

Bloomberg suggested that the feadings could be passed to other smart home devices, such as thermostats or fans, allowing users to have their air conditioning come on if the temperature gets too high, for instance.

Apple’s competitors from Alexa to Google offer the ability to monitor temperature and feed it into their smart assistants and other connected home platforms.

But Apple has largely allowed other manufacturers to build such technology on top of its own HomeKit ecosystem. So far, Apple has only offered the HomePods and Apple TVs as hubs for the smart home, and the ability to control other devices through Siri, rather than making kit focused on the smart home itself.


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