California scientists detect 42 ‘mystery’ chemicals plus 55 in pregnant women never before seen in humans

In a study of pregnant women, scientists detected 109 chemicals, 55 of which have never been seen in humans before, and 42 of which have unknown sources.

Scientists at The University of California San Francisco found the chemicals in the women’s blood as well as in their newborn children, possibly meaning the chemicals will have made their way to the children via the mother’s placenta, according to the university.

They added that the most likely source of the chemicals is industrial sources and consumer products.

Dr Tracey Woodruff, professor of obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive sciences at UCSF said: “These chemicals have probably been in people for quite some time, but our technology is now helping us to identify more of them,” according to SciTechDaily.

She added: “It is alarming that we keep seeing certain chemicals travel from pregnant women to their children, which means these chemicals can be with us for generations.”

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