Australians share footage of swarms of spiders fleeing into homes to escape rising floodwaters


Residents of NSW shared pictures of clusters of spiders trying to escape the floodwaters on social media, prompting comments from “horrified” users.

One Melanie Williams from Macksville in NSW, whose house was surrounded by water, told ABC News that she saw thousands of spiders scaling the fence in her front yard. “That was enough to really freak me out, I had never seen anything like it before. I am an arachnophobe from way back so I hope they’ve gone back to wherever they came from. I occasionally see spiders around the place but never anything like that, it was just insane.”

Ms Williams also photographed the spiders carrying their egg sacks to drier areas to protect their babies.

The spiders were later identified to be wolf spiders. Experts told local media that wolf spiders typically live underground in burrows but floodwaters have forced them out of their homes.


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