Protesters clash with police as 20,000 attend anti-lockdown rally in Germany


Police used water cannon, batons and pepper spray after protesters tried to storm barricades during a large anti-lockdown demonstration in central Germany.

More than 20,000 people from all over the country converged on the city of Kassel for the march organised by the online conspiracy movement Querdenker, or Lateral Thinkers.

It came after Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany would have to apply an “emergency brake” and reverse some recent relaxations of restrictions because of a surge in coronavirus cases.

Protesters carrying placards bearing slogans such as “No compulsory vaccination” faced counter-protesters wearing face masks, one of whom held up a placard reading “Vaccinated”.

Police said that bottles and umbrellas were thrown at officers deployed at barriers set up to protect public buildings and separate rival groups.


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