Man claims responsibility for 16 killings after being arrested for murder in New Jersey


A suspect has claimed responsibility for 16 killings after being arrested for murder.

Sean Lannon, 47, stands accused of killing a man in New Jersey who he says sexually abused him as a child. He has also claimed responsibility for the deaths of another 15 people in New Mexico, prosecutors said.

Mr Lannon is a person of interest in four New Mexico deaths, including that of his ex-wife, The Guardian reported.

According to, assistant prosecutor in Gloucester county Alec Gutierrez said during a detention hearing on Friday that “he admitted to killing a total of 16 people… 15 being in New Mexico and one in the state of New Jersey. It’s my understanding that the FBI is assisting New Mexico in their investigation.”

“He admitted to the dismemberment of some of the individuals involved in those homicides. He admitted his efforts in an attempt to conceal evidence, I’ll put it, in those homicides,” Mr Gutierrez said according to CNN.

Authorities say that Mr Lannon admitted to the acts during a phone call with a family member who told the county that Mr Lannon had been remorseful.


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