Labour hits out at EU and warns Brussels to ‘cool the rhetoric’ in vaccine export ban row


Labour has backed the government in a row with the EU over vaccines and told Brussels to “calm down” its rhetoric over a potential blockade.

Asked how the UK should respond to the bloc’s warnings, shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy branded comments by Ursula von der Leyen “deeply, deeply unhelpful”.

“I would urge the European Commission to calm down the language, cool the rhetoric, and let’s try and work together to get through this crisis,” she said, in comments directed as the president of the EU executive.

It comes as Conservative defence secretary Ben Wallace said any attempt to block covid-19 vaccine exports to the UK would be “counterproductive” with the EU.

Ms von der Leyen ramped up the rhetoric at the weekend, saying she was sending a “message to AstraZeneca” that the EU had the power to “forbid” exports.


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