‘Do not come’: White House tells migrants to avoid US-Mexico border as administration opens ‘overflow’ housing for children


Mr Biden has kept in place a public health policy invoked by former president Donald Trump through the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to turn most people away, expelling more than 650,000 people from the border – and cutting off the process for their asylum claims – over the last year. Fewer than 1 per cent have been able to seek protection, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Faced with insistent demand from White House press and Republican critics to label the current situation at the border a “crisis”, the president and administration officials have sought to meet a promise to undo “the moral and national shame” of immigration policy under the Trump administration with urgent humanitarian needs.

White House officials and immigration advocates have sought to frame the “crisis” as one that did not begin at the border, but as the consequence of failed and neglected immigration policy, violence and persecution abroad, the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and trade agreements, and two devastating hurricanes that impacted Central America in 2020.

Republican officials in border states and in Congress have insisted Mr Biden is “enticing unaccompanied minors” to the US, as Texas Governor Greg Abbott said this week, following Mr Trump’s hardline anti-immigration agenda and “zero tolerance” prosecutions.


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