Goldman Sachs analysts complain of ‘inhumane’ hours in leaked presentation


In a damning leaked presentation, Goldsach Sach junior bankers have accused the investment bank of “inhumane” work conditions that are severely affecting their mental health.

At least 13 junior investment banking analysts took part in the survey, the results of which were presented to the bank last month and are now being circulated on social media.

It claims some new recruits were putting in 100-hour work weeks, with 100 per cent of the respondents saying they were given “unrealistic deadlines” and that “a large majority have been ignored in meetings that they worked hard to prepare for”. Most described themselves as unlikely to recommended Goldman Sach as a workplace to others.

The presentation also said that if working conditions do not change in the next six months, most first-year analysts say “they are unlikely to stay at GS.”

This isn’t the first time allegations of gruelling work conditions and abuse of young bankers at the investment giant have come to light. In 2015, a 22-year old analyst struggling with high pressure and long work hours took his own life.


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