Coronavirus: Fears Europe’s latest surge will strike UK within weeks


A third coronavirus wave feared to be emerging currently Europe may still strike the UK despite the success of the vaccine roll out, scientists have warned.

A new rise of cases could hit here within weeks, potentially derailing Boris Johnson’s roadmap to normality, experts in Whitehall fear. Summer holidays abroad may end up being banned.

“It’s a fact that when waves one and two hit Europe they hit us afterwards,” a government source told The Timesnewspaper on Saturday.

Although the British data remains positive – the seven-day death average is now below 100 for the first time since October – scientists looking at the situation across the Channel say caution must be taken.

Some 20 countries in the European Union have now reported an increase in the rate of positive tests and 15 have said hospital or intensive care admissions have increased, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.


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