Capitol rioter arrested after warrant issued for GPS data from phone


A man from Texas who allegedly rioted on the US Capital was arrested following a search warrant for GPS phone data.

According to court documents and KXAS-TV, federal investigators were able to arrest Kevin Sam Blakely after phone data from Google revealed that he was, in fact, at the scene of the insurrection.

Investigators found that a phone belonging to Mr Blakely was inside the US Capitol building from 2.45pm and 4.38pm on 6 January, as supporters of former US president Donald Trump stormed the building.

The GPS data, which was released by Google, was also described in the complaint against Mr Blakely as being exactly accurate 68 per cent of the time, and with an accuracy of within 12 meters, or 33 feet.

“Google records that show of the 36 location data points within the Capitol corresponding to [Mr Blakely], the ‘maps display radius’ for this location data was between 100 and 200 feet, which encompasses an area that is mostly within the US Capitol building,” the complaint stated.


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