British police officer’s elderly mother blocked from UK since 2015 after being accused of ‘trying to deceive’


The elderly mother of a British police officer has been blocked from entering the UK for the last six years because she is accused of “trying to deceive” immigration officials following an error in a visa application.

Ukrainian national Ganna Shamshuryna, 72, who lives alone in Kharkiv, northeast Ukraine, has been unable to visit her daughter, Kateryna Shamshuryna-Acland, since 2015, which she says has left her “destroyed”.

As a result Ms Shamshuryna has missed the wedding of Ms Shamshuryna-Acland, 34, who has lived in the UK since 2009 and works as an intelligence officer at Thames Valley Police, as well as being unable to visit following the birth of two of her grandchildren.

The elderly woman said she felt as though “she had committed a crime” and that “all [she] holds dear has been ripped away from her”.

The Home Office is blocking her on the basis that she failed to state on her visa application that she had been refused a number of UK visas in the past, with officials concluding that she had “sought to deceive”.


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