Anti-lockdown protests: 33 arrested as demonstrators clash with police in London


Dozens of people have been arrested as police attempted to halt thousands of anti-lockdown protesters marching through the centre of London.

Demonstrators trailed by police paraded banners and lit flares as they walked from Hyde Park along Oxford Street, Chancery Lane, the Embankment and Parliament Square before heading up Whitehall.

Scotland Yard said 33 people had been arrested by 6.45pm, most for breach of Covid regulations.

“Our officers are continuing to engage with people attending the ongoing protests in central London,” the Metropolitan Police tweeted.

“Those gathering in crowds are being encouraged to disperse and go home.

“Officers will take enforcement action where necessary. This could be a fixed penalty notice, or arrest.”

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor said it was “incredibly challenging” to police such events “particularly in the current circumstances”.


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