‘What a bag of hot air’: Hull council meeting descends into chaos


Another video of a council meeting descending into chaos has been widely shared online, a month after Twitter made Handforth parish council’s Jackie Weaver an internet star.

In scenes reminiscent of the infamous Handforth clip, councillors representing Hull rowed over Zoom during a motion on littering, as members accused each other of lying and not paying their taxes.

The situation became heated during a discussion about city centre litter enforcement.

Tensions stemmed from a Labour councillor reporting two Liberal Democrats, Cllr Charles Quinn and Cllr Mark Bisbey, to the police for allegedly flouting social distancing rules while being photographed.

The meeting quickly descended into chaos when Labour Cllr Phil Webster told Cllr Quinn to “shut up” when he attempted to interject in the midst of his tirade.

Cllr Webster then accused another Lib Dem, Cllr Cheryl Payne, of not paying council tax, telling her: “Don’t you wave your finger – try paying your council tax for once.”


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