Sergeant who dealt with Manchester Arena bombing casualties told colleague ‘we need the f****** medics’


A public inquiry on Friday heard how a police sergeant who tended to casualties of the Manchester Arena bomb desperately told colleagues: “we need the f****** medics”.

Sergeant Kam Hare and his team from the Tactical Aid Unit of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) rushed to the arena after suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated a device that killed 22 people and left hundreds more injured on 22 May 2017.

Upon arriving at the Arena at around 10.55pm, Sgt Hare went to the foyer where at that point there was just one paramedic on the scene. He repeatedly emphasised the need for more ambulance staff to be there until most of the casualties were moved out by about 23.40pm, an inquiry into the atrocity head on Friday.

He said he and his team of constables offered basic first aid and used makeshift stretchers to carry the injured, but he expected paramedics and ambulances were on the way.

The inquiry heard only three paramedics treated casualties in the City Room on the night, including two from the Hazardous Area Response Team who arrived more than 40 minutes after the explosion happened at 10.31pm.


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