Sean Hannity caught vaping as show comes back from commercials


As his show came back from a commercial break, Mr Hannity appeared to be absorbed in something he was reading, with his glasses on and an electronic cigarette in his mouth. A voice could be heard whispering, “Sean! Sean!”

The host then snapped nervously into focus, yanking the vape pen out of his mouth but leaving the glasses on.

“Uh-oh,” Mr Hannity said sheepishly, before transitioning to the next segment. “Now our villain of the day!”

Twitter soon lit up with amusement.

“They caught Hannity ripping the juul,” one user tweeted, adding a cry-laughing face.

“I definitely did not have ‘Sean Hannity blowing Juul clouds on air’ on my 2021 BINGO card,” another commented.

“Sean Hannity sucking on his juul like it’s a 1870’s pipe lololol,” someone else chortled.

Laura Ingraham, who hosts the show after Mr Hannity’s, teased the host about the vape during their handoff.

“Oh wait, am I on camera right now?” Ms Ingraham asked as she sipped from a glass of water, feigning surprise.


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