RHS commits to going peat-free by 2025 and urges gardeners to follow suit


The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has committed to going completely “peat-free” by 2025 and is calling on gardeners across the UK to do the same.

Peatlands play an important role in acting as carbon stores, thereby helping reduce emissions and reducing the human impact on climate change.

However, if the peat is damaged, including by being dug up to be sold for use, it loses this function.

As such, the RHS, Britain’s largest gardening charity, has committed to using sustainable alternatives instead, which will see the organisation trial the use of farmed sphagnum moss in place of peat.

“Peat bogs are increasingly recognised as valuable habitats for wildlife and important stores of carbon, yet the UK horticultural industry still relies heavily on peat,” the RHS states on its website.


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