QAnon followers think White House’s St Patrick’s Day lighting was secret message

QAnon conspiracy theorists have decided that a green light illuminating the White House – a celebration of St Patrick’s Day – was secretly a message confirming that their beliefs were right all along.

The White House celebrated St Patrick’s Day by shining a green light on the building on the evening of 17 March. Green dye was also added to the fountain waters on the north and south lawns.

This is not the first year that the White House has celebrated the Irish holiday this way; festive displays of green around St Patrick’s Day has been commonplace at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for years.

Despite this, QAnon followers believe that this year’s display is confirmation that all is well with an apparent plan to reinstall Donald Trump as president and round up all the Democrats for trial and execution.

The QAnon devotees believe that green means “go,” rather than an expression of the tradition of wearing green on St Patrick’s Day. By signaling “go,” they believed that the next stage of the grand plan to topple the “Deep State” would occur that night.

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