Love the flag and the Queen or ‘move to another country’, Conservative MP tells the public


A Conservative MP has suggested people should leave the country if they do not feel pride in “our flag or Queen”.

Lia Nici spoke out amid controversy and ridicule over more and more politicians displaying huge flags in the background during TV interviews.

Robert Jenrick, the local government secretary, provoked laughter on the BBC over the floor-to-ceiling Union flag placed for viewers to see – triggering an angry response from many Tories.

Ms Nici, the Grimsby MP, went further, tweeting: “Of course if people are not proud to be British, or of our flag or Queen, they don’t have to live in the UK. Perhaps they should move to another country they prefer.”

Another Conservative, Bracknell’s James Sutherland, said, of the amused reaction of presenters on BBC Breakfast: “Yet more smirking nonsense from the increasingly out of touch BBC.


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