Lindsey Graham threatens to ‘talk until I fell over’ to stop sexual equality bill in war over filibuster

Even if Democrats make changes to Senate filibuster rules to make it more difficult for Republicans to block legislation, the GOP would stop at nothing to prevent the passage of bills they believe would ruin the US, Senator Lindsey Graham has said.

“I would talk until I fell over to make sure we don’t go to ballot harvesting and voting by mail without ID,” the South Carolina Republican said in an interview with Fox News this week, referring to Democratic legislation to expand voting access.

“I would talk until I fell over to make sure that the Equality Act doesn’t become law, destroying the difference between a man and woman in our law,” Mr Graham said about the proposal that would ban discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Mr Graham was responding to Joe Biden’s suggestion that the Senate ought to bring back the “talking filibuster” to force the minority party to talk without stopping on the Senate floor in order to shut down consideration of a bill. No bathroom breaks, nothing.

Current Senate rules put the onus on the majority to accrue 60 votes to end debate on legislation, setting up a final vote on the actual bill. In effect, that means legislation requires a three-fifths majority to pass the Senate, as opposed to the simple 50 per cent majority mandated in the US Constitution.

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