Covid: UK had second-highest excess death rate for under-65s in Europe, new statistics show


The UK had the second-highest cumulative excess mortality rate for people aged under 65, new statistics assessing the impact of the pandemic in Europe during 2020 have shown.

Bulgaria had the highest mortality rate for under-65s in Europe by the end of last year, according to Office for National Statistics figures.

The analysis showed that there were different patterns in mortality between the two waves of the pandemic.

Analysing the breakdown of mortality rates for under-65s, the ONS figures show that the UK recorded deaths at 62.7 per cent above the five-year average during the week ending 24 April.

In Bulgaria, which had the highest mortality figures for this age group, death were up by 108.5 per cent during the week ending 27 November, showing the different impact of the waves on European countries.


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