VOXI’s Endless Video and Social offers mean you’ll never reach your data limit again


There are few things better than settling in for a new TV series or film, all streams over the internet immediately and in full detail.

But there are few things that can more quickly ruin that experience than your data running out, the TV show coming to a premature end, and leaving you concerned about how much of your internet allowance you’ve used up.

Even if you don’t run out of data, there is always the fear that it might. Any time spent anxiously checking how much of your data allowance you’ve used is time that should be better spent relaxing into that latest show on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

That’s why VOXI offers it Endless Video service. It’s exactly what it sounds like: you’ll get all of your streaming from streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and more, and as much of it as you can use.

VOXI also offers a similar subscription known as Endless Social Media. Again, that’s just what it sounds like – you can scroll to your heart’s content, never fearing that the next video or post might take you over that all-important limit. Because there isn’t one.

All of this might sound like endless luxury. But perhaps most astonishing of all is how little this costs: VOXI is running a limited time offer that gives its Endless Video service for a price that would normally be associated with data limits and frustrations.

The network is giving users the option to sign up for £12 for 12GB of data. 12GB is already a lot, but of course that’s just the rest of the data – not the video streaming services that are likely to take up most of the downloads you do.

And that doesn’t just get you videos. You’ll get Endless Social, too.

If that wasn’t enough, VOXI’s £12 offer is also 5G ready, and VOXI makes use of Vodafone’s award-winning mobile network to do it. That technology is now rolling out to phones and offers astonishing speeds – you can get a whole HD movie in just seconds.

Anyone who switches in the very limited time period will get the option to get access to Endless Video for what is an amazingly low price.

The switching process is simple, too. Most of the hard work will be done by the network, meaning that you can get back to streaming this endless videos as soon as possible.

And it’s easy to change within the network. If you find that you want other options or to change your network, that’s all done with ease.

That means you can add on extra data, for instance. Its only £12 for 12GB – plus all the other perks like Endless Video and Endless Social, and 5G – but if you pay £15 per month you’ll get 15GB, £20 will get you a whopping 45GB, and you can pay £35 to just make it unlimited.

The network offers monthly streaming plans so that you’ll never feel locked in and will be able to leave easily too – though you’re probably going to be unlikely to find a reason to.

Instead, you’ll be able to just settle in for that film or scroll through your feeds. You’ll no longer have to worry about how much your bill might be, a restrictive contract or when your data might run out – and you can get back to checking on your friends rather than your allowance, and your films rather than your bill.

To take advantage of VOXI’s limited time offer of Endless Video head to voxi.co.uk


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