UK medicines regulator insists AstraZeneca vaccine safe to use and says no evidence of link to blood clots


The UK medicines regulator has insisted that the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe and that there is no evidence of a link to the blood clots that have been reported in some recipients of the jab.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency said that the benefits of the vaccine in preventing Covid-19 far outweigh any associated risks.

It added that it was investigating an “extremely rare” type of blood clotting within the brain of five people who received the vaccine, though no causal link has been made to the jab.

The MHRA intends to closely assess five reports of men aged 19 to 59 who experienced a clot in their cerebral veins together with low blood platelet count. One of the five has since died.

The regulator said it was looking at the cases but stressed the events were “extremely rare” and there was a possibility they could have been caused by Covid itself.


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