Thai sniffer dogs ‘95% accurate’ at detecting Covid in human sweat, study shows


Sniffer dogs in Thailand being trained to check Covid-19 in human sweat are 95 per cent accurate in detecting the infection within seconds, according to a latest study that has raised the hopes of their services being used at busy transport hubs.

The claim was made by researchers after a six-month project involving six Labrador Retrievers who were made to test an infected patient’s sweat on a spinning wheel of six canned vessels.

Professor Kaywalee Chatdarong, who is the leader of the project, told Reuters that the “dogs take only one to two seconds to detect the virus… within a minute, they will manage to go through 60 samples.”

She explained that the dogs can detect a volatile organic compound secreted in the sweat of Covid-19 sufferers, even in the absence of disease symptoms.

Ms Chatdarong, who led the study at the veterinary faculty of Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University, stated that the dogs won’t need to directly sniff people but could screen samples of sweat, a task that should not be difficult in a tropical country such as Thailand.


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