Jacob Rees-Mogg accused of ‘using parliamentary privilege to ‘smear’ HuffPost journalist’


Jacob Rees-Mogg has refused to apologise after being accused of using parliamentary privilege to “smear a journalist” during a row over leaked remarks made by the foreign secretary.

A video call, published earlier this week by HuffPost UK’s deputy political editor, Arj Singh, suggested Dominic Raab said in a meeting that the UK should strike trade deals with nations that do not meet European standards on human rights.

But Commons leader Mr Rees-Mogg argued the comments had been “shockingly distorted by low-quality journalism”.

He told MPs: “It’s a very cheap level of journalism, it’s not a proper way to behave and he was absolutely clear that there are behaviours that mean you can’t trade with people, and he said that if only people had bothered not to clip the recording unfairly, improperly and broadly dishonestly.

“And I think we should look at that type of poor-quality online journalism. It is not the sort of thing that would happen in The Times”.


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