Government faces criticism over grant cuts for electric cars


The UK government is facing criticism over cuts to grants for electric car buyers which were introduced with immediate effect on Thursday.

The maximum grant for electric cars has been reduced from  £3,000 to £2,500, while the price cap for cars which are eligible for the subsidy has also been reduced from £50,000 to £35,000.

The plug-in car grant was introduced 10 years ago with the aim of reducing the price of electric cars to encourage a greater number of people to buy them.

Chris Burghardt, a managing director at ChargePoint, the world’s largest network of electric vehicle charging stations, called the grant one of the “most important signposts the government has at its disposal to consumers to show them which clean vehicles they should be investing in”.

The cut comes only two weeks since the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, froze fuel duty on petrol and diesel cars.


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