Black graduates get worse degrees and earn less than white peers, report says


Black graduates of UK universities are less likely than their white peers to get a first-class degree and less likely to obtain graduate-level work, a new study has shown.

Analysis by the Social Market Foundation (SMF) shows that Black graduates end up with significantly worse financial outcomes than white classmates who entered university with similar qualifications and backgrounds.

The results are “disturbing” evidence of inequality, the think-tank warned. The SMF analysed data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) as part of a report for the Greater London Authority.

James Kirkup, director of the Social Market Foundation, said: “This analysis sheds new light on the unequal outcomes facing too many Black people in Britain today. The fact that a Black graduate is likely to get a worse class of degree, a lower-grade job and a lower salary than a white classmate should disturb anyone who wants a free and fair economy.

“The sort of job your parents do shouldn’t matter to your chances of getting a good degree and a good job, but these data show that family background is a real factor in a student’s prospects. This educational inequality shouldn’t be tolerated.


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