Utah considering bill to block pornography from all phones sold in the state


Utah is considering a bill that will make it impossible to surf porn on cell phones in the state.

The state lawmakers, attacking online pornography, are proposing that all cellphones and tablets sold in the state block pornography automatically.

Critics have called this an intrusion on free speech, while those supporting it say the bill is aimed at protecting children. The issue faced a lot of opposition during the House committee hearing on Wednesday.

According to news reports, the state’s Republican governor Spencer Cox has till 25 March to either veto or sign the bill.

Jennifer Napier-Pearce, Mr Cox’s spokesperson, said in an email that Cox will “carefully consider this bill during the bill signing period.”

The bill requires that all cell phone and tablet manufacturers that intend to sell in the state use content filters to block porn. If the proposal is signed, it could mean that manufacturers who don’t use filters could face up to a couple thousand dollars in fines, according to reports. The manufacturers could also face a penalty if any child is exposed to the “harmful material.”


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