UK’s ability to bolster Brexit deal to be hit by ‘career graveyard’ of Brussels work, Boris Johnson warned


The UK’s ability to improve on the skeleton Brexit deal will be undermined by a posting in Brussels becoming “a career graveyard”, Boris Johnson is warned today.

But the UK’s muscle in the EU’s capital has been “downgraded” from the most senior civil service level, it warns – after the post of ambassador was replaced with a “head of mission”.

There are already fewer staff in Brussels (65) than in Paris (110) or Berlin (75) – even before a likely brain-drain, as “relations with the EU plummet down the list of political priorities”.

The report, by the UK in a Changing Europe think tank, raises the alarm over what it says is a failure to recognise that the EU will continue to “loom large” over the UK’s post-Brexit world.


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