Trump’s fortune fell by almost a third in final year of presidency, report says


Donald Trump lost nearly one-third of his reported fortune in the final year of his presidency according to a study by Bloomberg.

His net worth has dropped to $2.3bn from $3bn as the Covid-19 pandemic has hit hardest at the industries in which he has the greatest investments — offices, hotels, and resorts branded with his name.

Four divisive years in the White House, two impeachments, and a violent insurrection that saw the US Capitol stormed by pro-Trump rioters have severely damaged his brand and business relationships.

Research for the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index took in financial disclosures, loan documents, revelations from court documents, and interviews with former executives and industry analysts to establish the current state of the former president’s empire.

The findings are somewhat bleak, with approximately $590 million in loans due over the next four years, half guaranteed by him personally.


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