Sharon Osbourne refused to acknowledge Meghan Markle is Black in a resurfaced clip


In the video, which has circulated on social media in recent days, cohost Sheryl Underwood said that the Duchess of Sussex “brought Blackness to the royal family”, but Osbourne disagreed.

“She ain’t Black,” Osbourne said during the segment.

Her cohosts then responded back by informing Osbourne that Meghan was “half Black”. To this, Osbourne said: “Yeah, I know, but she doesn’t look Black.”

The other members of the segment did not appear to agree with Osbourne’s assessment of Meghan’s race. Rapper Eve responded: “Black people come in all different colours. That’s a whole other different discussion about how Black you look or not look, or how white you look. That’s a whole discussion we don’t need to have.”

Osbourne started coming in for criticism last week after she defended controversial TV presenter Piers Morgan over comments he made about Meghan on Good Morning Britain.


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